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IAE Focused on Future Growth in Mobile User Activity

SAM.gov experienced more than a 50 percent rise in mobile visitors last year. IAE plans to improve the mobile user experience.


Smartphones and tablets are changing the way that people access information from the U.S. government.  For example, users aren’t limited to accessing SAM.gov only through desktop browsers such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.  In today's mobile world, people are expressing greater interest in reaching SAM.gov through browsers on all manner of mobile devices as well.


As user behaviors change and migrate more toward mobile, so do the statistics.  Between 2014 and 2015, SAM.gov experienced a 56 percent increase in mobile browsing sessions.  Between January 1 and October 21 in 2014, there were 89,973 mobile sessions on SAM.gov.  During that same stretch in 2015, the number jumped to 159,619. It’s  a small percentage of the overall visits to SAM.gov, but an early indicator of interest by the award management community for increased mobile access in the future.

In the Integrated Award Environment (IAE), we have been following the rise of mobile devices in business and government, including the user interaction behavior with SAM.gov, among our other systems. Supporting mobile access to our systems is an important element of future IAE development.

“We recognize where our users and stakeholders live in 2015, and more and more they’re telling us it’s through mobile devices and applications,” said IAE Assistant Commissioner Eric Ferraro.  “As the IAE platform grows, and we release more application programming interfaces (APIs), we hope to see the rise in mobile visitors continue the upward trajectory.  We remain excited about the future potential of mobile applications built from IAE data serving the federal award management community.”

Please email IAEOutreach@gsa.gov with any questions or comments about the IAE’s mobile user growth.


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