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IAE DevOps/IV&V Contract Awarded to Government CIO

The Integrated Award Environment has awarded the IAE and CAP DevOps/IV&V Contract to Government CIO. The contract will ensure the successful development of quality software through IAE’s continuous integration pipeline.

One of the most difficult aspects of software development is managing code development and then code deployment from a test to production environment.

The DevOps/IV&V contract will ensure that IAE's continuous integration pipeline is well managed and quality focused while progressing through the IAE test and production environments.

That pipeline requires that all code produced by IAE is tested functionally, meets IAE standards, and is performance-tested every single time new code is developed.

Employing DevOps practices enables IAE to deliver quality code faster and deliver new functionality with higher frequency through our continuous integration pipeline.


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The IAE environment is designed to transition multiple, stove-piped applications into an integrated workforce tool set for awards management across... More

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