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IAE Common Services PWS Comments and Suggestions Received June 18, 2014

In early June, the Integrated Award Environment (IAE) began soliciting comments and suggestions about the Common Services Performance Work Statement. For two weeks, we encouraged all interested parties to review the Statement and to offer any thoughts about it for our consideration. 

Thanks to all who took the time to engage with us on this very important step toward the future of IAE and the rethinking of our common services. We received input and responses from many vendors that provided valuable commentary and pertinent questions about the PWS as a whole.

Through this interaction, we noticed a few common threads; we are addressing those common concerns as we work to turn around the upcoming RFP. Among them:

Can IAE more clearly define roles across this multi-vendor environment, including any work required to transition from current systems?

Yes. We have added in additional information and what we believe will be a very helpful chart and additional language that describes how IAE Common Services, Technical Governance, DevOps/IV&V, the current IAE contractors and the core contractors will work together. 

Can IAE better define what part of the overarching IAE Agile process the IAE Common Services Contractor is responsible for?

Yes. We clarified that IAE Common Services should include Agile tools and their ability to execute development in an Agile fashion. The tooling and existing Common Services processes will help drive the scaled Agile processes for the core contractors.

IAE needs to add some language around security.

Agreed. We've gone through and added some requirements to make sure people understand IAE's need for a secure platform.

Overall, we found that people generally understand what the government is seeking and hoping to achieve. But this process provided an excellent opportunity for us to answer some excellent questions and to reply to comments that we hope will give everyone more clarity.

Now that we have received your feedback, we have given over the acquisition process to our FEDSIM partners. As such, we will need to stop meeting with vendors on this procurement. We appreciate all of you who have come in to meet with us - we’ve learned a lot from you about the possibilities that are available to us.

We're all very excited in IAE about the progress we've made and the engagement we've gotten from industry. I think we'll see the dividends of these discussions in a powerful partnership going forward.


Navin Vembar

Branch Chief, IAE Branch, GSA IT


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