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The IAE Awards CFDA and WDOL Core Modernization Work to REI Systems, Inc.

An important step in the modernization of IAE system functionalities begins with the award of the CFDA and WDOL Core Modernization Task Order to REI Systems, Inc.


The Integrated Award Environment’s first Core Modernization task order marks a significant step in the modernization of the IAE system functionalities. The $6.3 million contract was awarded under OCSIT BPA #GS1415HAAA0030/FSS to REI Systems, Inc.  The base period of performance is September 1, 2015 through April 24, 2016.

The IAE is a Presidential E-Government initiative managed by the General Services Administration (GSA). We use innovative processes and technologies to improve ten federal award systems and operations for those who award, administer, or receive federal financial assistance (i.e.; grants, loans), contracts, and intergovernmental transactions.

This award will ensure the design, development, operations and maintenance of key functionalities of two of IAE’s ten systems in the Common Services Platform (CSP): Wage Determination Online (WDOL) and the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA).


The CSP is the backend infrastructure that is being built to support open source operations of the IAE’s federal award management platform of the future. This platform is envisioned to be a one-stop shop ‘Data Factory’ or ‘App Store’ for entities that have or want to do business with or seek financial assistance from the federal government.        

The CFDA and WDOL Core Modernization Task Order is the first such task order - with several more slated to come - that will help the IAE execute its operational strategy to design and develop the federal award management platform of the future.  The IAE determined that key CFDA and WDOL functionalities should be the first ‘dominoes to fall’ in the design and development of the future environment. The IAE intends to apply lessons learned from the current modernization effort to guide and inform subsequent modernization efforts.  

“We are excited about kicking off work under the first Core Modernization task order,” said IAE Assistant Commissioner Eric Ferraro. “CFDA and WDOL functionalities are first in line for the modernization effort and we are excited to be working with REI to implement the transition using critical input we have garnered from our user communities.”

The CFDA and WDOL functionalities will be slated for beta release in February 2016. A beta release is when software is pre-released to a large group of users in the award management community to try under real-life conditions. Beta versions of IAE software have gone through acceptance testing and are fairly close to the look, feel and function of the final product. The beta version of the software will co-exist with currently used or live software until stakeholder and IAE acceptance.

For questions about the IAE’s Core Modernization strategy, please contact iaeoutreach@gsa.gov.


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