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IAE’s Common Services Platform receives ATO Approval

IAE’s Common Services Platform (CSP) received an Authorization to Operate (ATO) on October 14, 2015. It’s a major step forward that will enable IAE to develop applications in the cloud.


On October 14, 2015, the Integrated Award Environment (IAE) received an Authorization To Operate (ATO) for our Common Services Platform (CSP). ATO authorization means CSP has passed rigorous security and operational checks prior to being open to award management community users.

The CSP is the cloud platform-as-a-service that all IAE applications will use to launch their capabilities according. The platform includes:

  • DevOps workflow to streamline platform operations and management

  • common identity and access management for security

  • Common search tools for searching IAE data

  • API management tools to manage IAE API development, security, and distribution

  • Data lake, a storage repository, holding award management data

Receiving GSA's very first ATO for a cloud based PaaS is a huge accomplishment for the IAE PMO," said Navin Vembar, IAE IT director. "With GSA's support for cloud-based innovation, the IAE can begin to securely design and build its federal award functions in the new platform."

This authorization is also testimony to the potential IAE has to change how people do business with and/or seeking financial assistance from the United States government.

“CSP gives IAE a secure platform that will enable us to speed applications to delivery,” said Vembar. “We can leverage a combination of FedRAMP and the platform ATO to cover many of the security controls that individual applications would need.”

Eric Ferraro, IAE assistant commissioner, sees the news of IAE receiving ATO approval as a great accomplishment on which IAE is starting the new fiscal year.

“IAE achieving ATO speaks to the technical prowess of our development and operations teams. It also means that our security team and infrastructure is prepared to counter the cyber threats the platform could be facing in the future,” said Ferarro

Look for news of important IAE landmark events here on Interact. Please contact iaeoutreach@gsa.gov with any questions about this important IAE milestone.


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