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Huge Milestone – MAS Group Reaches 5,000 Members and 20,000 YouTube Views

We have hit a huge milestone over the past few days: 5,000 Interact group subscribers and over 20,000 views on our various training vids - and we couldn't have done it without all of you.

Thank you to all of the members who have joined and participated in the Multiple Award Schedules Interact Group over the past year and a half! As we continue to grow our numbers, we’ll be looking for new ways to increase the knowledge and awareness of all things related to GSA Schedules.

The Multiple Award Schedules Interact Group, as a whole, owes a huge thanks to the supporters, members, leaders, and contributors. We have been impressed by your thoughtful questions, discussions, and participation in our group and webinar offerings. Be sure to visit our Schedules News and Training page, which was recently updated to highlight our new 24/7 online training modules (in partnership with DAU and FAI) and the revised 2012 monthly webinar schedule.

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Views: 1171

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