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How to Maintain and Renew Your GSA Schedule Contract

“Maintain and Renew Your GSA Schedule Contract”


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You’ve worked hard to get a GSA Schedule contract. You want to maintain it and renew it at the appropriate time. Contracts may be cancelled, or options not exercised, if you do not meet contractual requirements. Some of these can include:

Meet Minimum Sales Criteria Guidelines

Report Sales and Remit the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) to GSA

Participate in Contractor Assistance Visits (CAVs)

Keep Registrations and Certifications up to date, including any Business Size Status or NAICS code changes

Register with the Vendor Support Center

Create, distribute, and maintain your company price list

Understand and Adhere to Contract Policies & Obligations

Maintaining a GSA Schedule is very different from re-competing a Public Building Service (PBS) requirement. Typically, PBS contracts are for the performance of a single service or one-time procurement. Therefore, most PBS contracts do not recur and are not subject to renewal.

Vendors looking to continue working with PBS need to continually re-compete after the expiration of their contracts. Doing a good job and maintaining a strong record of past performance are the keys to getting new work with PBS. Vendors should monitor the GSA Forecast of Contracting Opportunities for new contracts to pursue.



Marketing to the Government

Market your business and promote your schedule contract offerings to potential customers.  The way you market is up to you. For helpful tips on how to market  GSA OSBU can assist you.


Contract Modification

If you need to request modifications to your contract, you can do so via eMod, a module of the eOffer site. Here you can add/delete a product or service Special Item Number (“SIN”), change your prices, report and make administrative changes.

Contract Renewal/Exercise of Option Extension

GSA Schedule contracts are issued with a five-year base period, with the potential of three five-year options.

The OPEN (Option Process Ensuring iNtegrity) process oversees the Options/Renewal of contracts. As part of the OPEN process, vendors are notified within four to six months in advance of a contract’s expiration. If your company has met its sales minimum ($25,000/year) and it remains a vendor in good standing, you will be given the opportunity to renew/exercise the option to extend the term of your contract.  However, If you let your contract expire, it cannot be reinstated. You must submit a new offer.

If you do NOT wish to renew your contract, the notification of renewal provides instructions for declining the offer.

GSA OSBU hopes this information is useful to your small business. We are here to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. Please reach out, We are here to HELP you :-)


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