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How to Download Assistance Listings Extracts in beta.SAM.gov

We recently retired the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA.gov) and everything you used to do in that system can now be done in beta.SAM.gov. Users can now download all assistance listings program data in an Excel spreadsheet from beta.SAM.gov.

In order to promote the sharing of assistance listings program data and offer a means for related government systems to download data reliably and efficiently, beta.SAM.gov provides users with the ability to download program data in the common .csv format.



While on beta.SAM.gov, select the main menu (the three parallel lines at the very top of the site to the left of the magnifying glass). A drop-down menu will appear and select Data Services. On the next page, click on Assistance Listings. There, you have three electronic folders to choose from:


  • datagov: This folder contains complete extracts published on a weekly basis and all the elements that are part of an assistance listing (program title, number, agency, objective, etc.). If you are familiar with the electronic download option on CFDA.gov, you’ll find a similar file named “AssistanceListings_DataGov_PUBLIC_CURRENT.csv” in the main datagov folder.
  • Usaspendinggov: This folder contains files that provide the complete listings and is published weekly.  
  • Grantsgov: This folder contains files that are published daily and have a more limited set of information (containing program name, number, agency, URL to the listing itself and published date).

The files located within these folders are what GSA provides to data.gov, usaspending.gov, and grants.gov. Once you find the extracts you are looking for, you will be able to use them as you did before.  You can also quickly sort any of these extracts by agency and program number. For more information on assistance listings in beta.SAM.gov, you can view an informational video here or send us an email at IAEOutreach@gsa.gov.


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