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Helpful Hints for beta.SAM.gov: Searching by Phrase


We make regular updates to beta.SAM.gov to improve your experience, such as recently improving the Help section.  In this article, we update you on one of the big changes we made to help you get more relevant search results.

Using Search Phrases to Find More Relevant Results

We’ve expanded search to help you find more relevant results. With the new search capabilities in beta.SAM.gov, when you enter two or more words as a phrase, search will look for that phrase and prioritize results by relevance. For example, if you enter the words leadership training into the search bar, the system will now search for the words leadership and training together rather than search for those words individually. There are several ways to combine phrases and individual terms in search. Here are a few examples.

  • Search for an exact phrase from the search box

Enter a phrase in the search box; the search results page returns results most relevant with the phrase displayed in the keywords box. 

  • Search for multiple phrases and/or terms from the keywords box

Use the keywords box to modify your results by using quotes to separate terms and/or phrases, for example “leadership training” “assessment.” 

The following illustration provides a side-by-side view of the new and old search capabilities. The main difference between the old and new searches is that now when you enter a phrase, search will look for that phrase and show all results for that phrase first. Once all matches to the phrase are displayed, the results will show matches to individual words within the phrase. Note that if you select to sort your search results by other than relevance (title, date modified/updated), it will override these display rules. 


You can refine your search further by using Change Filters, found on the top left next to the search results. 



This new search functionality works across all domains, meaning all of the systems listed in the drop-down menu on the search box on beta.SAM.gov. 


Access the beta.SAM.gov Learning Center any time for step-by-step videos and instructions. Remember, if you need further assistance using beta.SAM.gov, the Federal Service Desk is here to help Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, at FSD.gov


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