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Health IT SIN Opportunities

There are 2 active opportunities (RFI/RFQs) currently out on the Health IT SIN currently right now with HHS, DHA, and VA.  If you are on Health IT SIN contract holder, please make sure that you review those opportunities and respond through e-BUY. 

It is so important that you respond to the RFI's that are posted.  The responses to the RFI's determine whether the customer will actually post the requirement on GSA Schedules or not.  If for some reason, you can not respond to the RFI, please reply to the RFI and indicate the reason for every solicitation (if at all possible).  If for some reason, the time frames that are posted are unreasonable, please let them know the reason.  This helps tremendously and will ensure that agencies continue to post requirements through the Health IT SIN








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<p>Great question! &nbsp; The RFI&#39;s are currently posted in eBUY under Schedule 70 Health IT SIN and Alliant. &nbsp;Thus, you must be a Schedule 70, Health IT Vendor to see the RFI or an Alliant vendor. &nbsp;</p><p>Also - while there are two RFI&#39;s currently on the Health IT SIN, one of them is an RFI inquiring about 8a companies. &nbsp;Thus, you will not see the RFI if you are not an 8a set aside. &nbsp; The DHA requirement RFI closes today for Schedule 70 Health IT SIN vendors and friday for Alliant companies.</p><p>Jen</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
<p>Where do I go to download the RFIs?</p>
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