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<p><b style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12.8px;">We are creating detailed on-boarding process which we will share once finalized.&nbsp; We should have a finalized process by end of June. &nbsp;We will post this information when it is available.&nbsp;</b></p>
(Q&A) What is the onboarding process? (From the Significant Changes Document) A: Existing industry partners – wait until the Health IT SIN is in place, once the SIN is in place – a supplier will work with their CO to do a modification (eMod) to their contract. A: New industry partners – Have to go through the process of eoffer to apply for IT Schedule 70, Health IT SIN. **************************************************************************** It is unclear as to how an existing industry partner holding an IT-70 Schedule is to onboard the new SIN 132-56. It is stated in the Q&As above that a modification will be processed. What are the requirements to facilitate this modification? Is the only information to be submitted that relating to Factor 4: Relevant Project Experience as shown below? Factor 4 requirements: SIN 132-56 Health Information Technology Services (A) Provide a description of the offeror’s experience in the Health information technology services offered under SIN 132-56. Describe three completed or ongoing project(s), similar in size and complexity to the effort contemplated herein and in sufficient detail for the Government to perform an evaluation. Each completed example shall have been completed within the last three years. All examples of completed services shall have been found to be acceptable by the ordering activity. (B) Within the two-page limitation for each project narrative, offerors shall outline the following for proposed SINs 132-56: 1) Provide background information on the project or projects presented to demonstrate Health IT expertise. 2) Outline how the project or projects are related to the proposed Health IT SIN. 3) Submit summary of the final deliverables for the noted project or projects. 4) Offerors shall demonstrate that the tasks performed are of a similar complexity to the work solicited under this solicitation. 5) Provide the following information for each project submitted: i) Project/Contract Name; ii) Project Description; iii) Dollar Amount of Contract; iv) Project Duration, which includes the original estimated completion date and the actual completion date; and v) Point of Contact and Telephone Number.
This represents a community where customers and industry can engage and discuss Health Information Technology related topics and issues. This will... More

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