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Heading Towards the Finish Line and What's Ahead for R9 AAS


It's been awhile since I had an opportunity to post a blog on this site and let you know what's been happening in the world of the Pacific Rim Region, Assisted Acquisition Services Division. 

All of the PMs are working their requirements diligently and coordinating their efforts with the contracting officers and financial managers during the last remaining weeks of the fiscal year.  As in our recent years, we have optimized resources, enhanced our proaction, and established cut off dates, so we can ensure that we can deliver what we've promised to our clients. 

We are also receiving a number of planning MIPRs for FY14 requirements...this is excellent news, particular in light of reduced budgets and Sequestration. 

I certainly remember those years long past, when I began employment at GSA as a GS-1102 CIDS intern and stayed past midnight many nights in September...making last minute contract awards (signing contracts with my right hand) while drinking copious amounts of coffee (using my left hand).  It was a very anxious and exciting period of time, but I sort of miss that adrenaline "rush" as I finished up my paperwork and literally ran with my contract documents in hand over to budget for final validation and certification.  While I am certain that technology has made the process easier/smoother, I still stand amazed at the level of dedication and service of my colleagues in those early days here in the Agency (using C3 computers and IBM Selectric typewriters).   

Now, as acting director of the FAS Assisted Acquisition Services Division, I get to be on the technical/project management "front" hence giving me a different perspective on matters.  It's given me added appreciation for all the hard work accomplished by the AAS PMs (also called technology project executives) in the areas of project execution, funds management, and business development.  As our senior leadership mentioned awhile ago, AAS is a marquee-type offering; a very high-touch, complex service wherein we strive to foster a trend away from transactional work to developing strategic relationships with our partners (client agencies).  We provide the pathway for the acquisition solutions which best meets the clients' needs, with the taxpayers in mind. 

Speaking of business development, during the first quarter of the next fiscal year, I will be hosting a training/education session which will discuss Assisted Acquisition Services/interagency contracting in the Pacific Rim Region.  Please inform your colleagues, business partners and friends about this event (better yet, encourage them to sign up on GSA Interact).  It most likely will be done via a WebEx or Go Meeting format and will bring together government employees, industry partners, and those who are interested in the arena of assisted acquisitions.  Later, I will be hosting a roundtable discussion with industry partners and other audience members to let me know their feelings, opinions and observations of our AAS operations here in the Pacific Rim.  Where are we doing well?  What areas can we improve?  

A final note - please invite people to subscribe to GSA Interact and sign up for the Pacific Rim Region 9 -  Assisted Acquisition Services group.  Let's start a conversation!

Les Yamagata
Acting Director, AAS
Pacific Rim Region
11 September 2013


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