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Happy New FY 2012!

Happy New Year Small Business!  October 1 started our new Fiscal Year!!

There is so much going on as the year is getting started.

First, the FY2012 Forecast of Contracting opportunities is being updated.  Make sure to take a look so you can see what the agency is planning to buy and reach out to the points of contacts that are listed in the spreadsheet to offer solutions.  Remember, every opportunity is solving a problem – read between the lines and make recommendations to these buyers that provide solutions to their challenges.

Over the last year we have been working hard to improve your website access.  Check out the newest changes to our GSA OSBU home page on www.gsa.gov/osbu.  You can also access this site from the main GSA page by scrolling down about midway and clicking on the “small business” link which has a briefcase icon beside it .  You will be able to access everything GSA OSBU has to offer like training, counseling, web sources, and more…all at your finger tips. 

We have started a Facebook page for you and joined Hootsuite so we can better tailor our messages apart from Twitter.  You can access that from our site at www.gsa.gov/osbu by checking the right hand navigation bar which has a link to not only our Facebook page but Twitter and of course Interact pages also.  Is there other social media sites you want us to reach you through?  Tell us where your meeting and we will make sure to come and see you there.

Also in the works is preparation for the GSA EXPO that will take place in San Antonio, TX in May of 2012.  We usually look at the success of the previous year to determine what events and training we should host for small business.  However, with the success we are having through social media, there is an opportunity to open the doors to your input as we plan.  Interact allows us to have discussions to increase solutions to your business challenges. 

So what are your opinions of the annual GSA EXPO and how can we improve the event for small businesses to increase opportunities for your success?

As you think about your needs and what we can offer to small business as an agency, I hope to hear from you.  This is the time to make an impact and the sooner we hear from you the better.

I look forward to our conversations.


Christy Jackiewicz

National Outreach Program Manager


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