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Happy Holidays from the USAccess Team

The MSO would like to thank you for being a USAccess customer. As 2019 comes to a close, the MSO reflects on our accomplishments for the year. We welcomed ten new customer agencies to the USAccess service, developed and began implementing an approach for the transition to V8.1 PIV cards, successfully completed the legacy equipment transition, and hosted the USAccess Strategy Session; attended by over 100 USAccess customers, policy makers and industry stakeholders


Serving approximately 129 agencies with more than 708,000 active credentials and completing over 236,000 enrollments this year, we know delivering quality service can be a challenge. The MSO recently partnered with GSA’s Customer Engagement Division to conduct interviews with a sampling of USAccess customers to receive feedback on the USAccess service. Lessons learned and program improvements will be implemented in 2020. Stay tuned for more information on this renewed customer service effort. Our goal, as always, is to work with you to provide the best PIV credential services possible.


Thank you for choosing the USAccess service. Have a wonderful holiday season.


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