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Guide to Considering Small Businesses When Using Schedules (by Acquisition Solutions, Inc., August 2009) YOUR COMMENTS?

The attached Guide to Considering Small Businesses When Using Schedules, an August 2009 Advisory by Catherine Poole and Paul Cataldo of Acquisition Solutions, Inc. is a particularly comprehensive and well-referenced (and not just because our former blog appears in three endnotes!) treatment of some of the Schedule order socioeconomic issues covered in this blog.

What do you think about the way the attached document covers these issues? Where do you agree or disagree with the conclusions in the attached document? Let me know in the comments and we can all discuss these issues here.

The attached document is posted at this Services Ordering Solutions: Avoiding MAS Confusion blog managed by GSA/FAS/R10/Management Services Center/AQSAA with permission of Acquisition Solutions, Inc. Any other use is a violation of United States and international copyright laws. All rights reserved by Acquisition Solutions, Inc.

Of course, our blog policy (which applies to comments and posted documents too) reminds us that everything posted at this blog represents the opinions of the respective authors and is not official GSA or Government policy.



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