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GSA's MRFS Solution for Facility Maintenance Supplies Promotional Video

Maintenance Repair Facility Supplies (MRFS) Blanket Purchase Agreement is among the most efficient ways to purchase tools, tool cabinets, hardware, power tools and paints adhesives and sealants as well as cleaning supplies. The MRFS BPA is a Best in Class (BIC) certified acquisition vehicle and can assist agencies with meeting your Spend Under Management goals as it is considered a Tier III contract.  


See what you spent and how much your Agency has saved with detailed analytics refreshed every month and posted at https://d2d.gsa.gov/report/acquisition-analytics (check it out!). 


Learn more today to see if MRFS is right for your purchasing needs!

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The Maintenance/Repair and Facility Supplies is the follow-on vehicle for the original Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Federal Strategic... More
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