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GSA wants to hear from you! Launch of discussion and education series on Interact.gsa.gov

The Building Maintenance & Operations (BMO) services strategic sourcing development team is working to develop its menu of best practices and future acquisition solution. Last month, GSA hosted a web conference, dedicated to engaging commercial industry and BMO service providers. Over 300 individuals from around the country participated, generating over 400 comments and questions about the future BMO program. (A complete list of these questions and our answers will be posted within the next two weeks).
Although the feedback we got from Industry Day was a great start, we would like more suggestions and information from you about how the government should set up this future BMO services solution. Starting this week, GSA will begin regularly posting questions on Interact specific to areas that need additional clarification or that will help GSA identify innovative approaches within the category. We want to be forward-thinking with our menu of best practices and final acquisition solution, so we really encourage you to comment and share your thoughts by becoming an active member of the Interact community.
Also, we realize that there are broad topics that GSA will need to address—just one example being small business. In addition to our discussion questions, we will be posting topical articles throughout the year that will educate our readers about the government’s approach to these larger concerns/areas. Here’s a first such topic: BMO services pertains to all federal property
We thank you for your interest in BMO. We look forward to reading your constructive ideas, suggestions and insight. Check with us weekly to see the latest discussion question!

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Welcome to the GSA strategic sourcing Building Maintenance and Operations (BMO) community. This effort is being undertaken to improve the way the... More

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