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GSA Updates Professional Services Schedule (PSS) Acquisition Workforce Training Courses Requirements; Issues Ordering Guide

GSA, in collaboration with the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI), has incorporated additional SIN-specific instructions in the PSS solicitation for companies proposing acquisition workforce training courses under Special Item Number (SIN) 874-8. GSA has also published an Ordering Guide to facilitate the procurement of high quality, competitively priced, commercial training solutions.

Acquisition workforce training courses offered under SIN 874-8 shall be either Defense Acquisition University (DAU) equivalent or FAI verified in order to provide consistent and standardized training across the acquisition workforce. Industry partners interested in offering training courses under SIN 874-8 are required to:

  1. Obtain annual DAU certification or FAI verification to maintain course equivalency status. (NEW)
  2. Submit resumes of all proposed instructors
  3. Submit last three customer references
  4. Submit a detailed training plan outlining how the company ensures that its instructors remain current and conversant with Federal Acquisition Regulations
  5. Provide specified minimum volume discounts (NEW)
  6. Attest and provide evidence of updated course(s) material within 30 days following the publication of changes to acquisition related laws, regulations, Office of Management and Budget policy memoranda, or Executive Orders that are in the public domain (NEW)
  7. Submit quarterly reports to the FAI Program Manager inclusive of course discounting disclosures and student graduations (NEW)

Agencies interested in obtaining certified acquisition workforce training courses are encouraged to download and retain the Ordering Procedures which provide guidance on course and instructor requirements, quality assurance, task order deliverables and minimum volume discounts.

To learn more about SIN 874-8 Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) and Federal Acquisition Certification (FAC) Training for Acquisition Workforce Personnel, please visit www.gsa.gov/psschedule where you can find a copy of the solicitation by clicking on “Resources for Contractors.”

For additional information please contact either Peter Mare, Supervisory Contract Specialist, peter.mare@gsa.gov or Lisa Norgren, Supervisory Contract Specialist, lisa.norgren@gsa.gov


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