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GSA is Seeking Industry Participants for Role Management Working Groups

As GSA’s Integrated Award Environment brings its 10 systems together into beta.SAM.gov, we’re making big changes to industry role management. We are redefining existing roles and permissions, changing the way roles are assigned, and providing consolidated, high-level administrative capabilities for managing users and data across all your entities and all application functionality as it is migrated from all of the legacy systems.


This is a major undertaking, and to be done well, requires validation from industry. During the next couple of months, GSA will conduct working group sessions with industry to share our current designs, listen to your feedback, and resolve outstanding questions.


While all industry members are welcome to participate, we're especially interested in speaking with:

  • Large businesses with a large number of entities to manage
  • Businesses who buy and sell entities
  • Businesses with responsibilities distributed among people who don’t typically work together (Example: sub-awards versus entity registrations)

To sign up, please complete this questionnaire: https://goo.gl/forms/NKrc6lT5Gg7Ua5NE3. If you’re having trouble accessing the form, send us an email at IAEOutreach@gsa.gov. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll send out invitations with session topics and agendas so that you can attend which sessions interest you. Each session will be virtual and last 60-90 minutes so that we maximize your participation time.


We value your support and contributions throughout our modernization effort and appreciate your help in making the transition a success!


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