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GSA Reverse Auction Platform Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are the latest additions to the GSA Government Managed Reverse Auction Platform's Frequently Asked Questions.  These pertain to ReverseAuctions.gsa.gov.

1.  What are the ordering procedures for using reverse auctions?

Utilize FAR Subpart 8.405-1 when placing orders against GSA Schedules.  The reverse auction process allows ordering activities to solicit quotes for products and simple services not requiring a statement of work.  It allows buyers to obtain discounts off of Schedule prices.

2.  Can I specify brand-name requirements using reverse auctions?

Yes.  However, if the auction requires items peculiar to one manufacturer (or brand name), the ordering activity must follow the procedures in FAR 8.405-6(b) for limiting sources.  

3.  Where do I post my Limited-Sources Justification when specifying a brand-name?

FAR 8.405-6(b)(3)(i) requires that the Limited-Sources Justification (LSJ) be posted to eBuy, along with the Request for Quote (RFQ), when the order exceeds $25,000.  Buyers must follow the following steps for posting the LSJ:

1.  Create the auction in the Reverse Auctions platform.

2.  Login to eBuy and create an RFQ with the following information:

       a.  In the description box state that “this RFQ is to support the posting of a Limited-Sources Justification (LSJ) IAW FAR 8.405-6(b)(3)(i).  If you wish to provide a quote for this requirement please login to the GSA Reverse Auctions platform and place your quote under auction ID # XXXXXXX.”  

       b.  RFQ closing date.  The closing date and time of the RFQ in eBuy should match the closing date and time of the auction in the Reverse Auctions platform.  

4.  Does GSA Reverse Auctions satisfy the requirements of FAR 8.405-1(d)(3)(ii)?

Yes.  GSA Reverse Auctions satisfies these requirements by allowing all Schedule contractors to compete for a reverse auction RFQ.


5.  I am a GSA Schedules contractor.  Will discounting my prices to compete in the reverse auction process invoke the Price Reductions clause?

No.  When discounting to Federal agencies, the Price Reductions clause is not invoked.  See GSAM 552.238-75(d)(2).


Please let us know if you have any questions about these or other aspects of the Reverse Auctions process or platform.


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