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GSA makes final decision to sunset the long standing 72A Reporting System


GSA will sunset a long standing legacy system supporting the MAS Sales and IFF Remittance program and replace it with a more modern and efficient system.


The 72A Reporting System is scheduled to be shutdown during calendar year 2019. It will be replaced by the FAS Sales Reporting Portal (SRP), allowing GSA to streamline its sales reporting processes under one robust and modern system.


The goal of this transition is to provide a single reporting system for all contractors to use for reporting sales and remitting IFF. GSA’s overall IT modernization efforts include improving its IT enterprise by building and maintaining a more modern and secure architecture for its IT systems. This transition not only supports GSA’s modernization effort, but it streamlines the overall process of reporting sales and remitting the IFF, making it more efficient for GSA and its industry partners. The FAS Sales Reporting Portal (SRP) currently houses all the Transactional Data Repository (TDR) contracts and all new (as of July 2018) quarterly reporting MAS contractors. This continued effort will complete the transition of over 14,000 current contracts into the FAS SRP to allow for the sunsetting of 72A.  


GSA has developed and implemented a three step implementation approach that will be carried out over the next 12 months. This phased in approach will let contractors start reporting in the new system while GSA transitions their historical data over from the legacy 72A Reporting System.


Phase One is when a company is notified via email that their contract(s) have been assigned a FAS Sales Reporting Portal transition date. This date will be the first day of a reporting quarter.  No action will be needed until the end of that reporting period, when the contractor will begin reporting sales and remitting IFF in the FAS SRP.

Example: Contract is assigned a 1/1/2019 transition date which is the first day of a reporting quarter. No action will be necessary until your company has to report sales for that quarter in April 2019. That will be the first time you would be required to log into the FAS SRP and report sales.

In Phase Two, the contractor completes the final reporting of sales and remittal of IFF in the legacy 72A System for the current quarter.

Example: FAS SRP Report Date: January 2019 – Report sales and remit IFF in the legacy 72A system one final time for the period covering October 2018 thru December 2018. This reporting will be due by January 30th 2019. Your company will report sales for the quarter January 2019 through March 2019 in the new FAS SRP during April 2019.

Phase Three is when the contract(s) history transfers over from the legacy 72A System into the new FAS SRP. This process will not happen until the last sales have been reported and IFF paid in the 72A System. Once complete, GSA will migrate the contract sales history over into the FAS SRP. If the contract has an overall variance (imbalance between IFF owed and IFF paid) at that time, the contractor will be notified via email prior to migrating their history into the FAS SRP.

Please direct any questions related to this transition to the MAS PMO via MASPMO@gsa.gov.

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