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GSA Launches New Vendor Toolbox

GSA released a new toolbox on the Vendor Support Center to help offerors prepare to get on schedule and prepare better quality offers. The mandatory Readiness Assessment will help an offeror decide If they are ready to become a MAS Schedule contractor.

“Improving the quality of offers and educating industry through use of The Readiness Assessment is a big step forward in helping acquisition professionals process offers faster which supports FAS’ key goal of acquisition excellence,” said FAS Commissioner Steve Kempf.

An indicator for contractor success is ensuring that companies that apply for schedule contracts are well-educated about the process, benefits and challenges of being on a multiple award schedule.   GSA is launching a new resource called the Vendor Toolbox to help industry partners to be successful. The toolbox contains information such as the Readiness Assessment which will soon be a mandatory part of all new offers.

The Readiness Assessment is designed to help walk companies through the process of deciding whether a schedule contract is the right decision for them. When used with the information from the Vendor Support Center, these tools help offerors make a self-determination about whether they are ready to be a MAS contractor.

The toolbox has online education, links to vital acquisition portals and sites and tips for success in the federal market that will ultimately help vendors complete the Readiness Assessment.

For additional information, contact the vendortoolbox@gsa.gov.

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