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GSA Launches Green Products Compilation


New compilation helps buyers, program officials understand green purchasing requirements.

This new tool will help buyers and program officials understand and comply with federal green purchasing requirements.GSA just recently launched the new, web-based version of the Green Products Compilation. The GPC utilizes the interactive SFTool platform, which provides users with information regarding sustainable building principles, materials, and systems. This new platform allows federal purchasers to search, sort, and identify sustainable products and associated guidance. GSA anticipates additional updates to the GPC this spring that will further expand its scope and functionality.  http://www.sftool.gov/GreenProcurement

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keith freisthler
<p>I work for a bio based lubricant supplier in Ohio.&nbsp; We have just recenlty recieved our GSA Contract Number.&nbsp; There are plenty of companies like us on the GSA.</p>
<p>Spend a little time searching the web and you&rsquo;ll find a gazillion green purchasing requirements so the GSA compilation is extremely helpful. Thank you for the post.</p><p><a href="http://www.greenhostit.com">Green Host It</a></p>
Geri Haworth
<p>Green Host It:</p><p>You are very welcome. &nbsp;I&#39;m glad you&#39;ve found the guide helpful.</p>
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