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GSA Launches Cloud Information Center - A Central Repository for Federal Agencies & Industry Partners



In September 2018, the Office of Management and Budget released the first cloud policy update in seven years - the Cloud Smart Strategy.  Rather than emphasizing solely on an accelerated adoption of cloud services, Cloud Smart focuses on how federal agencies can use cloud effectively to meet their mission-critical needs. It also addresses several challenges agencies are facing along their cloud journey - security, procurement, and workforce.


In service to our federal customers, GSA has analyzed its cloud offerings and updated its strategy in order to fully align with OMB’s Cloud Smart Strategy, the President’s Management Agenda and the Report to the President on IT Modernization.  Among the results of this effort is the Cloud Information Center (CIC), an initiative launched this month to serve as a central repository for all things cloud.  The CIC is a collaborative hub on the Acquisition Gateway that provides clarity around central cloud issues like security, technical capabilities, and implementation, and connects federal buyers with commercial cloud providers.


The CIC’s section on “Why Cloud” is the basic introduction to cloud that many agencies need to reduce confusion and provide clear, succinct information in this complex space.  It outlines what cloud actually is, why it’s an important tool in meeting mission-critical needs, how to deploy it, and what models are available to agencies, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).


Federal government users can access GSA’s market research as a service tool, best practices, review and download acquisition guidance, and download templates, and communicate/collaborate with fellow decision-makers. Industry partners will soon can also be able to share information on their cloud capabilities with federal government customers via the CIC’s communities of interest forums.


GSA’s mission is to support agencies in meeting theirs. The CIC makes it easy for federal buyers to understand and investigate how cloud, done right, can help meet critical mission needs. We will continue to add new functionality and tools to the CIC based on customer needs and user feedback. Check for updates on our Interact group page!

Visit the CIC to see all the cloud information we’ve gathered & organized for you. If you have any questions, please comment on this post or email us at cloudinfo@gsa.gov.

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This Information Hub:


  • Explains what Cloud Computing is and the benefits of federal cloud adoption 


  • Provides cloud computing best practices, guidance and acquisition templates 


  • Assists Government users conduct market research on cloud service providers


  • Supports the cloud adoption journeys of all Government agencies through direct GSA customer support!



For information about getting on GSA Schedules or general direct cloud support (for agencies or vendors), contact the GSA Cloud Acquisition Team at Cloudinfo@gsa.gov.
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