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GSA Issues Notice to Proceed to HCaTS 8(a) Pool 2 Contractors

GSA has issued its Notice to Proceed (NTP) for the HCaTS 8(a) Pool 2 contract.  In addition to the 18 contracts recently awarded under HCaTS 8(a) Pool 1, 26 contracts are now available for use in HCaTS 8(a) Pool 2.  These awards provide the 8(a) community expanded access to the HCaTS Best-in-Class contract program while creating more options for Federal Agencies to meet their 8(a) business development program goals through both competitive 8(a) set-asides and 8(a) direct task order awards.

These newly awarded contracts and contract holders have been fully integrated into all GSA and HCaTS systems and can begin formal contract activity under HCaTS 8(a) Pool 2. A list of all awardees and contractors under each HCaTS vehicle and pool can be found on GSA.gov/HCaTS under Buyers Guidance and Resources, HCaTS Contractor and Email Distribution List. This listing makes it easy for Ordering Contracting Officers to contact all HCaTS contractors. The HCaTS Ordering Guide and Ordering Guide Summary have been updated and are available on the same webpage as well.

GSA and the Small Business Administration are excited to expand access to a Tier 3 BIC contract within the 8(a) community while creating more options for Federal Agencies to meet their socio-economic goals.

For more information see GSA.gov/HCaTS. If you have any questions or comments, please email HCaTS@gsa.gov.


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