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GSA FAST 2020 Conference

SAVE THE DATE - April 14-16, 2020

Plan to attend the GSA Federal Acquisition Service Training Conference in Atlanta, GA. 
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GSA is planning to host a multi-day, national acquisition training conference for the Federal Acquisition Workforce and Industry. The event, long sought by both federal agencies and Industry contractors aims to strengthen federal acquisition marketplace and yield savings to the taxpayer. Attendees will be able to earn up to 20 Continuous Learning Points (CLPs). Be sure to mark your calendars and add this training to your 2020 training and developments plans!

In the weeks ahead we will provide details on how to register, attend and/or exhibit. Subscribe for email updates below so that you can receive the latest information as it becomes available.


Check out the link: https://www.gsa.gov/about-us/organization/federal-acquisition-service/customer-and-stakeholder-engagement/federal-acquisition-service-training-fast-conference#Subscribe


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This type of event offers the Government and the Acquisition workforce an opportuniy to hear directly from industry.  Topics are relevant and tailored around the regions, terroritories, industry and issues, concerns and/or pain points they may have as they manuever around federal law, policy, acquisition, contracting and any other item

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