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GSA Adds First 40 Contractors to OASIS Small Business Pool 1

On November 26, 2019, the General Services Administration’s Office of Professional Services and Human Capital Categories awarded contracts for OASIS Small Business (SB) Pool 1 to the top 40 vendors whose proposals were rated using the Highest Technically Rated Offerors with a Fair and Reasonable Price approach. 


The award notification and awardee information is available on beta.SAM.gov. GSA plans to award the remaining 150 OASIS SB Pool 1 contracts in Q2 FY20. 


The services solicited under OASIS SB Pool 1 include a wide variety of professional services such as, but not limited to, consulting, logistics, engineering, scientific, management consulting, project management, and other professional services. The size standard for Pool 1 is $15 million.


For more information see GSA.gov If you have any questions or comments, please email OASISU@gsa.gov 


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