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GSA Adds 47 Contractors to OASIS SB Pool 4

GSA’s Office of Professional Services and Human Capital Categories has issued the formal Notice To Proceed (NTP) issued for the 47 of the 64 OASIS SB Pool 4 contracts awarded on May 26, 2020. These awarded contract-holders are now fully integrated into all GSA systems including eLibrary and can begin formal contract activity under OASIS SB Pool 4. The remaining NTPs will continue to be issued on an ongoing basis.

OASIS SB Pool 4 includes a variety of research and development services including but not limited to: nanotechnology, biotechnology and research & development in physical, engineering and life sciences.  

The OASIS SB Pool 4 awards are part on a larger, phased on-ramps to expand the OASIS industrial base to:

  • Sustain a flexible, vibrant, and experienced pool of Best-in-Class (Tier 3) industry partners 
  • Ensure robust competition in the most widely used pools 
  • Provide more Best-in-Class contract opportunities for small business

Additional OASIS SB, OASIS SB 8(a) and OASIS Unrestricted on-ramps are in progress with award dates expected later this summer.

For more information see GSA.gov If you have any questions or comments, please email OASIS@gsa.gov


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The last update on the unrestricted on-ramps shared on this Interact forum stated that all on-ramps would be completed by late June 2020. Is there an update on the remaining outstanding on-ramps?
Stephanie Kenitzer
An update on the OASIS on-ramp awards was posted on Intearct on July 27. Please see: https://interact.gsa.gov/blog/oasis-ramps-nearing-completion
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