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GSA’s Professional Services and Human Capital Categories 2021 Highlights

GSA’s Office of Professional Services and Human Capital Categories would like to thank our customers and industry partners for another successful year! Here are some of the highlights:

Launched the Services Marketplace. In FY2020, the Federal Acquisition Service launched a new initiative - the Services Marketplace - to holistically approach how we are supporting the federal acquisition community's procurement needs for services. The Services Marketplace is a consortium of strategic initiatives to align how FAS rolls out new contracts and tools to support buyers and suppliers of services.Through the Services Marketplace, FAS services offices will collaborate and create consistency to improve the overall buying and selling experience for customers and industry. The Services Marketplace work is led by PSHC and FAS’s Information Technology Category (ITC) and brings together leaders of all GSA’s services contracts to find enterprise-level solutions. The outcome is a modern, accessible, and streamlined marketplace connecting buyers to suppliers and business solutions that meet their mission needs.

Began development of a New Services MAC. In support of the Services Marketplace, PSHC is leading work to establish a new Services Multi-Agency Contract (MAC) to better address federal agencies’ services. This past year was focused on market research including acquisition history and spend analysis, customer and industry engagement, and two requests for information (RFIs). The information provided by stakeholders has been critical to building the acquisition strategy. In the coming months, we will be providing program updates sharing sections of the draft solicitation for feedback. To learn more about the New Services MAC, join our new Interact Community of Interest. Questions on the Services MAC can be emailed to PSHC-dev@gsa.gov.

Expanded the Civilian Services Acquisition Workshops (CSAWs) program. This year PSHC supported the federal government's goal of using performance-based contracting principles by delivering 11 CSAW workshops supporting $1.8 billion worth of acquisition across 6 agencies. The workshop mentors and guides teams through the performance based acquisition (PBA) process to develop acquisition plans, market research, requirements, solicitations, source selection, and other procurement documents. CSAWs make it easier for agencies to understand PBA and, most importantly, greatly reduce acquisition cycle times. To learn more, visit the new CSAW Hallway on the Acquisition Gateway. 

Celebrated OASIS’s 7th Birthday and HCaTS’ 5th Birthday. This year PSHC celebrated two IDIQ contract milestones - OASIS’ 7th birthday and HCaTS’ 5th birthday. Major OASIS program highlights included: adding 731 new contracts through a major on-ramping effort; establishing a new 8(a) contract family; retaining a Best-In-Class (BIC) designation; Issuing thousands of Delegation of Procurement Authorities (DPA; building robust industry partnerships through the OASIS Shared Interest Group; and completing more than 1,700 scope review. For the full details on these highlights and to learn what’s next for the program, visit OASIS’ 7th Birthday. Major HCaTS program highlights included: on-ramping 28 new contractors to HCaTS SB Pool 1; standing up a new 8(a) contract family with 44 vendors; issuing Hundreds of Delegation of Procurement Authorities (DPA); and completing more than 250 scope reviews. For the full details on these highlights, and to learn what’s next for the program, visit HCaTS’ 5th Birthday.  

Provided COVID-19 support services resources and procurement support. In response to COVID-19, PSHC provided a range of support services and procurement support to local, state and federal agencies including:

  • Creating ordering guidance and procurement resources to help agencies quickly procure Enhanced Entry Screening Services (EESS) at government facilities within the United States and its territories 
  • Building acquisition planning packages toolkit and digital marketing research for HHS’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Immunization Program
  • Establishing four Basic Ordering Agreements (BOA) to provide emergency hospital support services in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington states. The BOAs are prepositioned contract agreements that allow FEMA and state and local governments within these states to quickly procure hospital services should they be needed as part of the nation’s COVID-19 response. 

Hosted virtual GSA SmartPay Training Forum. The GSA SmartPay Virtual Training Forum continues to be the premier training event for charge card program managers.This year’s 3-day virtual event was widely attended by more than 4,000 participants earning over 41,000 CLPs and nearly 1,800 qualified to receive the GSA SmartPay Program Certification! The forum featured a comprehensive training schedule covering all aspects of how to successfully manage agencies’ charge card programs.  

Grew Twitter and LinkedIn Connections. We continued to expand our social media presence with innovative content to support our customers and industry partners. Be sure to follow, like, retweet, and tag us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Trained Thousands through Office Hours, Spotlights, Industry Partner Briefs and more. In the past 12 months, we trained more than 1,500 Contracting Officers and project managers through our monthly office hours and Spotlight webinars and reached more than 700 industry partners with targeted training and outreach. That does not include our conversations with industry associations, blogs, news coverage, and new videos shared on PSHC YouTube. And, of course, Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) training for OASIS and HCaTS. All that work resulted in positive feedback from both customers and industry. 

Thanks to our federal customers and industry partners for another successful and collaborative year!  


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