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GSA’s Acquisition Policy Documents Are Now Available on the GSA.GOV Website

In support of GSA’s commitment to transparency and making it easier to do business with us, the General Services Administration (GSA) Office of Acquisition Policy (OAP) created the GSA Acquisition Policy Library on the gsa.gov platform. Now government agencies and industry partners that do business with GSA can see important GSA policy information.

Two types of documents are now available on the policy library: GSA acquisition letters and GSA deviations. These documents supplement GSA regulations published in the General Services Administration Acquisition Manual (GSAM), already located on acquisition.gov.

GSA acquisition letters are signed by GSA’s Senior Procurement Executive (SPE) and provide the GSA acquisition workforce with actionable information, usually resulting from new or changed policy or program guidance.  They can affect new or existing contracts.  For example, an acquisition letter may be used to raise thresholds in a Presidentially-declared emergency, to add a new provision or clause to a solicitation, or to eliminate an outdated process.  Typically, acquisition letters remain ‘active’ for a specific time period or until the new requirements are added to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) or GSAM.

GSA deviations are approved variances from the FAR or GSAM that allow GSA to meet specific needs or requirements.  Deviations that affect only one contract action are called “individual deviations”, while those that affect more than one contract action are called “class deviations.”  Similar to GSA acquisition letters, deviations are active up to a specific date or until rescinded or incorporated into the FAR or GSAM.   

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