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GSA’s “Green Button” Initiative Helps Government and American Taxpayers Save with Energy Innovation

The Green Button Initiative, a White House inspired call to action, allows electricity users access to their utility usage data in a user-friendly format enabling them to cut energy waste and lower their bills. GSA, leading the charge together with the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, recently completed a pilot using the Green Button technology and with support from industry leaders is building upon earlier energy management efforts on 100 GSA buildings, revealing nearly $16 million in energy savings.

As a major stakeholder in Federal real estate, GSA is committed to supporting this new technology. GSA Administrator Dan Tangherlini says it best that “…adopting Green Button technology across our real estate portfolio allows us to improve building performance and save taxpayer dollars.”

Click here to learn more about this Green Button technology that is helping GSA shrink cost across the Federal government.

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