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"Green" requirements in a recently issued RFI


Look what we found!  A very large agency posted an RFI with the following "green requirements".  Thought we'd share what we see as a growing trend.  If you have other examples, we'd love to see them posted to this group.  (Cut and paste from the RFI is below). 





The Contractor is advised that goods and services acquired on behalf of the Government or to conduct Government tasks must comply with federal green purchasing requirements and EO 13423: General Supplies

a.       Printing paper must contain (at least) 30% post-consumer fiber.

b.       EPA-designated recycled content products and Comprehensive Procurement Guideline (CPG) items.

c.        Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP).

d.       ENERGY STAR and Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) energy-                           efficient electronics, lighting, and appliances.

e.        USDA-designated bio based products.

f.        EPA-certified Water Sense water-efficient items.

g.        EPA’s safe alternatives to ozone-depleting substances.

h.       Replacing toxic compounds with less toxic or non-toxic substances in all possible scenarios; limiting toxic substance quantities when substitution is infeasible. The Government must annually report on its acquisition of green products and services and demonstrate annual improvements:

a.       The Contractor is advised of its responsibility to track acquisitions occurring on behalf of the Government and provide purchase data on a quarterly basis if applicable.

b.       Data reports must include detailed product information (e.g., Federal Supply Catalogue or GSA number), the quantities purchased, costs incurred, and their green attributes (e.g., recycled content, non-toxic, ENERGY STAR, FEMP, and CPG). ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT


The Contractor is advised:

a.       ENERGY STAR and Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)-designated electronic products must be acquired in all possible scenarios. 

b.       ENERGY STAR features must be enabled on 100% of Government electronics (or to the maximum degree based on mission needs). 

c.        Electronic devices should consume no more than 1 watt of power when in standby mode.

d.       Double-sided printing must be the default standard for all printers.

e.        Strategies must be implemented to extend the useful life of electronics; excess electronics must be sent to the Government’s DRMS for reuse, remanufacture, donation, or environmentally sound disposal.    FLEET VEHICLES & FUELS


The Contractor is advised the Government will give preference to work plans and strategies that reduce petroleum consumption and increase the use of alternative fuels through:

a.       The purchase or lease of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) and alternative fuels (AFs) – credit will not be granted to AFVs using conventional fuels. AFVs may only be acquired in locations offering alternative fuel filling stations within a 5-mile or 15 minute trip radius (one way).

b.       Tracking fuel purchases (by fuel type) in accordance with the Government’s automated FAST reporting system. 

c.        Acquiring hybrid vehicles in all cost-effective scenarios, including plug-in hybrid (PIH) vehicles when they are commercially available at costs comparable to conventional vehicles. 

d.       Acquiring smaller and more fuel-efficient conventional vehicles (“right-sizing” fleets) and excising or redistributing excess vehicles.

e.        Acquiring AF utility vehicles (e.g., electric forklifts, courtesy carts) whenever appropriate.

f.        Acquiring synthetic or bio-based alternatives to petroleum products for vehicle servicing or promote the use of re-refined or reusable petroleum products. 

g.        Consolidating local vehicle trips for deliveries and meetings; employ video and teleconferencing capabilities whenever possible to reduce local & long distance travel. 

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Elizabeth Skolnik
<p>Geri, thank you for posting this to Interact! Great information for all!</p>
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