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Green Purchasing Training

For GSA staff and others -- you can now take the Green Purchasing Training course through the On-Line University.  It is essentially the same course posted on the Center for Acquisition Excellence web site.  Posting it on OLU makes it easier for us to track who has taken the training.

For the future, my division is considering developing a refresher course, a course on how to green an acquisition, and courses on sustainability and greenhouse gases.  What would be useful to you?

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<p>Just got this email but the date for the training and the comments say 2011. &nbsp;</p>
Jeff Manthos
<p>Dana, any possibility that training&nbsp;will be developed for procuring services in a sustainable or &quot;green&quot; manner?&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<p>Any chance contractors could sit in or audit these training sessions?</p>
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