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Great SF-AIC Meeting This Morning

Hello - We had an excellent and robust meeting of the San Francisco Acquisition Interagency Council this morning.  There was a very good discussion regarding Small Business Week and the possibility of having a "Government employees day" the first week in May.  In addition, much attention was focused on outreach to not only the acquisition community, but to industry.  We are planning to perform market research to ascertain the feasibility of an industry/matchmaking event around Veterans Day.  

I'll be participating at the NorCal PTAC event at the end of May, along with several of my esteemed colleagues.  The focus will be on how small businesses can "do business" with the government.  There will likely be about 2,000 attendees.  

Mark Reiss did an excellent job of discussing FAST 2020 and encouraging members to attend and to spread the word.  This will be a premier event hosted by GSA, with the theme "Advancing Acquisition."  There will be several training tracks which will appeal to a broad spectrum of professionals: COs/KOs, CORs, Project and Program Managers, as well as Executives.  This GSA, Federal Acquisition Service Training Conference will be held 14-16 April 2020 in Atlanta GA.  Please check out the website at www.gsa.gov/FAST.  

There were further discussions about staffing/resources, job announcements in the 1102 series, the changes in certifications/DAWIA codified in the NDAA, phased/retired annuitants, contractors performing acquisition-type services due to resource constraints, and the growing complexity of acquisitions.  

Personally, I was a little bummed because I set up a meeting space and we had technical issues.  The connectivity/bridge line did not function.  We had attempted google hangouts previously, but we suffered the same technical glitches.  I am hoping that we can find a communication tool/platform that all departments/agencies will be able to access without problems.  

Meeting minutes will be distributed to members, most likely next week.  

Again, please remember FAST 2020 and encourage your colleagues to register.  










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