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Gov't Members - Take a look at the free training GSA is offering on Green Purchasing..

OGP and FAS Pave the Way for Green Purchasing

OGP's Office of Acquisition Policy now offers an online course titled Green Purchasing for the Federal Acquisition Work Force through its Center for Acquisition Excellence. The Federal Acquisition Service's Office of Acquisition Management was instrumental in developing the course content based on its work in sustainable acquisitions. The course provides an introduction to the federal green purchasing program, assists learners with identifying the breadth and scope of what constitutes green products, and discusses factors that shape federal green purchasing initiatives. All GSA employees are encouraged to learn more about this topic. Click here to access the Center for Acquisition Excellence login page and to enroll. 










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<p>Your great information has been tweeted by OSBU (Small Business Solutions)</p>
Skip Derick
<p>To all: Please see the below clause found in a new RFQ that was posted on 3-21-11. This seems to be a reasonable way of handling Green (sustainability) for basic services.</p><p><strong>15. BUYING GREEN PROCUREMENT </strong></p><p>Affirmative Procurement (also known as &ldquo;Green Procurement&rdquo; and &ldquo;Buying Green&rdquo;) is the Government program that promotes the purchase of environmentally preferable products. In order to conform to the mandates of the Affirmative Procurement program, the contractor must adhere to the following in the purchase and use of its own office supplies for the performance of the services required under this effort as indicated below:</p><p><strong>Recycled Copy Paper/On-site at </strong>DLA Distribution: The contractor shall utilize only the Government furnished, recycled paper on site at DLA Distribution Headquarters, New Cumberland, PA, for all operations related to the tasks outlined in the PWS for this project.</p><p><strong>Recycled Copy Paper/Off-site: </strong>The contractor shall utilize 30% recycled copy/printer paper for use with its laptops for work performed off-site in conjunction with the tasks outlined in this PWS. This requirement does not apply to functions conducted in its home office and deemed management requirements. 5</p><p><strong>Replacement Cartridges: </strong>The Government will provide all replacement toner cartridges for the equipment that the Government shall be providing. The Contractor is required to ensure that recycling of these toners takes place while performing on this contract, especially since the Government will be providing the means to do so.</p><p>Have a great day - Skip Derick</p>
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