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GAO Decision – U S Information Technologies Corporation (B-404357; B-404357.2, February 2, 2011)


Link to the case:   http://www.gao.gov/decisions/bidpro/4043572.htm


1. In a procurement conducted pursuant to Federal Supply Schedule procedures, an agency, when ordering services priced at hourly rates and when a statement of work is included, is required to consider the level of effort and the mix of labor offered to perform a specific task being ordered and determine that the total price is reasonable.

2. Protest of an agency evaluation of the awardee's past performance is sustained, where the solicitation provided for the evaluation of projects that were similar in scope and complexity, and there is no explanation in the record or in response to the protest explaining why the awardee's smaller-value past performance projects were similar in scope and complexity.

3. Protest is sustained in a Federal Supply Schedule procurement that provided for issuance of a task order on a best value basis, where the agency failed to assess the vendors' differing strengths or otherwise explain why the quotations were technically equal.


U.S. Information Technologies Corporation (USIT), of Chantilly, Virginia, protests the issuance of a task order to 5D Information Management, Inc., of Braintree, Massachusetts, under request for quotations (RFQ) No. 452182, issued by the Department of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), for information technology services supporting and sustaining DLA's "Fusion Center."  USIT challenges the agency's evaluation of proposals and selection decision.

We sustain the protest.

Commentary:   This one pretty much speaks for itself.  Never underestimate the importance of thorough analysis and file documentation during a source selection.


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