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Louie Drossel
<p>The majority of providers are not likely to able to meet this standard as they don&#39;t have the resources. I imagine only the biggest retailers (Staples, Office Depot, etc) can make this sort of guarantee as they have &quot;warehouses&quot; and/or retail stores in every metropolitan city in the US. Some are already doing it.</p><p>As a small independent, we have only one warehouse in LA. In addtion, we don&#39;t operate a fleet of trucks to guarantee same day delivery.&nbsp; We, as well as many others I&#39;d imagine, are at the mercy of the wholesalers drop-ship practices, which don&#39;t currently offer same day delivery guarantees.</p><p>-Louie Drossel</p>
<p>This would be considered to be a different level of service, but it is possible to offer same day delivery for unforeseen needs.&nbsp; My belief is that perhaps a tiered offering might be&nbsp;a possible solution.&nbsp; Many wholesalers run 24 hours per day, so based on the ability to be able to process the order, dispatch a courier to pickup the needed material and then deliver it to the end user.&nbsp; But yes, anything is possible if someone is willing to pay the toll</p>
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