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FREE 1-Hour Webinar: Thursday, January 10, 2013, 1:00 p.m. ET “GSA Schedules and the Utilization of Small Business”

    The General Services Administration, Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Office of Acquisition Management's Multiple Award Schedules Program Division is hosting a one-hour training webinar on “GSA Schedules and the Utilization of Small Business”: Thursday, January 10, 2013, 1:00 p.m. ET

    This is one of GSA’s most popular webinars! Learn how the FAR was changed to provide agencies with discretionary authority to set-aside orders against multiple award contracts for small business.

Space is limited. You may register and view full webinar course descriptions by visiting http://www.gsa.gov/masnews (bottom of page).

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<p>I would like clarification on what I thought I understood from the training today.&nbsp; I understand that only one NAICS code is assigned at contract award and it is chosen for the preponderance of work that a vendor does.&nbsp; Does that mean that the vendor cannot bid on a requirement that is posted under another NAICS?&nbsp; The RFQ NAICS is chosen to match the description of the product or service that we are trying to procure.&nbsp; How do we determine that a vendor is small for our requirement if the NAICS is different on the RFQ than on a vendor&#39;s contract?&nbsp; One could be a dollar threshold while the other is a employee threshold.&nbsp; Many of these contracts contain a wide variety of products and services and it doesn&#39;t seem likely that we should use a product NAICS for acquiring services?&nbsp; If the contract was awarded under a NAICS that makes them small, do we have to make a determination if they are also small under the RFQ NAICS?&nbsp; OR, is it that no matter what NAICS we post on the RFQ, any vendor who bids is taken to be the size of the awarded GSA&nbsp;contract regardless of what we are buying from them?&nbsp; This situation will have agency wide ramifications so I appreciate any guidance that GSA can provide.</p>
<p>I have spoken with SBA regarding the awarded contracts under GSA Schedule that use the NAICS sectors 42, 44 and 45.&nbsp; Their viewpoint was those contracts were awarded prior to GSA being allowed to do set asides so that the Non-manufacturer rule did not apply to GSA.&nbsp; I&#39;m in a quandry on what to allow my organization to do when it comes to ordering off GSA.&nbsp; We currently do a very large amount of business with GSA schedules, but I need to comply with the rules.&nbsp; When the Contracting Officers are submitting DD2579&#39;s, I do not allow them to use any NAICS in the prohibited series, yet when they make awards, the task order reflects the award under those series.&nbsp; Any recommendations on how to handle this?</p>
<p>If we award a task order on GSA schedule to a small business with a base of one year, and four one year options we will receive credit for the award to a small business.&nbsp; What happens if the award was made in the last year of their GSA contract 5 year base and at contract option time, they recertify as a large business?&nbsp; When we exercise our next task order option year, will the CAR for FPDS-NG pull from the base contract and now reflect as a large business award?</p>
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