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FPDS-NG Public ATOM Feeds Update

Recently, there have been some confusing and innacurate social media and news reports about upcoming changes to the FPDS-NG Public ATOM Feeds.  In an effort to clear up any potential misunderstandings, IAE wants to clarify that the vendor DUNS number and associated name and Global Ultimate DUNS number and associated name will remain in the FPDS-NG Public ATOM Feeds.

On November 21, 2014, the FPDS-NG Public ATOM Feeds will be updated to mask four data elements.  Those elements caused confusion because they had some variation of the term "parent DUNS" in the data label.  However, in actuality they are intermediate hierarchy fields.
This change will serve to clean up the FPDS-NG Public ATOM Feeds so that they present the required vendor DUNS number and associated name and the "Global Ultimate" DUNS number and associated name.  The Global Ultimate represents the top of the hierarchy and is the ultimate parent for the vendor.
Contrary to some social media and news reports, the FPDS-NG Public ATOM Feeds will still contain the DUNS number/name for vendors receiving contract awards.  They also will still contain the Global Ultimate DUNS number/name ultimate parent for the vendor who received the contract award.
Users of the Public ATOM Feeds, including all non-DoD federal users, were invited to test during the week of November 13-14, 2014.
To be clear, the change masks only the four data elements dealing with intermediate hierarchy described at https://www.fpds.gov/wiki/index.php/Atom_Feed_DUNS_Hierarchy_Changes.

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