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Follow ups regarding our last meeting...and Happy Friday!

Hello - I realize it's been awhile since I had an opportunity to post a blog, but there has been a lot happening in the world of GSA acquisition.  First, GSA conducted its first outreach event specifically tailored for the County of San Diego.  Kudos to Jackie Sullo, DeniseRose Torres, Mark Carico and Randy Patterson for all their leadership and support.  Our collective appreciation goes to our Regional Commissioner, Linda Allen (also our honorary co-chairperson of the SF-AIC) and Jack Pellegrino, Director, Department of Purchasing and Contracting for the County of San Diego.  There were approximately 30 county and city program and contracting officials present to hear about the MAS Program for State/Local, Property Disposal/Utilization, Computers for Learning, and e-tools training.  

Linda and Jackie also attended the Navy's Gold Coast Procurement Conference this week and had an opportunity to network, listen to speakers, partake in training and answer questions at the GSA booth.  

With respect to the follow ups from our last Council meeting.  I attended the Federal Executive Board meeting this month and made a motion for an Acquisition Excellence Award category which will be presented at the Federal Employee of the Year luncheon in 2016.  There was no vote taken, but it was received positively.  I will be working with the FEYA POCs and the Executive Director to move this along.  The Council membership will also be participating in the selection process.  This is a great development.    

Secondly, thanks to Stan Lee, we have secured an Industry Day and Vessel "cruise" around the Bay, which will both be held on October 22nd.  I will also be sending out an email to solicit interest in both events.  The venue will be in Sausalito, CA.  Stay tuned for more details.  

Finally, the survey results are in: we will be hosting, in concert with the NCMA Golden Gate Chapter, a National Education Seminar on Contract Changes, Disputes and Terminations.  It is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, November 18th at the Oakland Federal Building.  We are planning to keep the registration fee as low as possible; so, agencies will be looking at only $100 per person.  NCMA will pick up the cost of the instructor, materials, and books.  In order to keep the price low, lunch will be on your own, but we will have snacks in the morning and afternoon.  More details to follow.  

Thanks again for your support of the San Francisco Acquisition Interagency Council.  I look forward to seeing you on October 22nd!  





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