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First MAS Vendor Meets NSF Protocol for Sustainable Services

GSA is pleased to announce that MAS Vendor, Marstel-Day, has become the first certified environmental management company through the protocol NSF P391: General Sustainability Assessment Criteria for Services and Service Providers.  NSF P391 is the first general sustainability protocol for services and service providers.  Marstel- Day participated in the development of the protocol and is now participating in the Joint Committee tasked with developing the protocol into a standard.   NSF P391 focuses on three areas of sustainability: Environmental impact (energy use and GHG), labor impact (healthy, safety and employment practices) and social responsibility impact (community).  To find out more about the protocol, and how and why it was developed, take a look at the NSF Press Release.  

Rebecca R Rubin, President and CEO of Marstel-Day LLC says, "Marstel-Day is proud to be the first GSA Multiple Award Schedule Holder to receive the P391 certification and to be a first-mover into this important arena. We see this certification as a key differentiator from the business standpoint in terms of meeting important environmental, social and labor criteria."  If you would like to contact Marstel-Day, please e-mail Rebecca at rrr@marstel-day.com or Gail Dunn at gdunn@marstel-day.com. If you would like to contact NSF International please e-mail Dennis Gillan at sustainabilitysales@nsf.org.

GSA hopes that other vendors will consider following the lead of Marstel-Day by using the protocol.  The protocol allows a wide range of conformity assessment procedures including self-declaration and third party certification.  The protocol is a useful tool for customer agencies seeking to identify sustainable services that comply with E.O. 13514 and FAR requirements.   If you have questions regarding GSA’s sustainability efforts please contact Brennan Conaway at brennan.conaway@gsa.gov.

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