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Finalized Versions of Three of the TIC Core Guidance Documents Now Available

CISA has released the finalized versions of three of the Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) core guidance documents:


  • Program Guidebook,
  • Reference Architecture,
  • Security Capabilities Catalog (formerly known as the Security Capabilities Handbook).


These documents articulate the modernized TIC program, define the program’s concepts, and outline security capabilities relevant to TIC 3.0. GSA continues to support the TIC program through EIS.


This marks the conclusion of CISA’s request for comments (RFC) and adjudication period following the issuance of draft documents in December 2019. The feedback was adjudicated by CISA and their partners at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the General Services Administration (GSA); the draft guidance was modified to address the comments’ prevailing themes. A summary of the comments and CISA’s response is available in the Response to Comments on Draft TIC 3.0 Guidance Documentation.


CISA is continuing to work with agencies to support TIC pilots and to guide industry in developing TIC overlays. The final versions of the Use Case Handbook, Overlay Handbook (formerly known as the Service Provider Overlay Handbook), Traditional TIC Use Case, and Branch Office Use Case are expected to be released later this summer.


Please reference the TIC FAQ page for additional information on the updated guidance.



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