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The Final FY18 Numbers are In: Category Management Initiatives are Meeting Goals

A short summary published on Acquisition Gateway shows the federal government has made great progress toward achieving all of the FY2018 government-wide category management goals. The federal government met or exceeded most of the key performance indicators in Spend Under Management (SUM), Best in Class (BIC), cumulative cost avoidance, small business utilization, and training.

The Professional Services category, the second largest category of spend, made impressive strides in helping the federal government buy more efficiently and effectively. Specific category achievements include:

  • More than $32 billion of the total $76 billion in spend was considered spend under management (meaning spend went through an existing Tier 1, 2 or BIC Contract
  • More than $8 billion in spend went through BIC contracts  
  • More than 33% percent of spend went to small business
  • Reduction in the number of Tier 0 (open market) contracts by 10 percent 

The Professional Services category government-wide contracts are saving agencies time and resources. By using existing contracts, including the Best-in-Class OASIS contract and the Tier 2 Professional Services Schedule, agencies are avoiding costs associated with the management and maintenance of their own contracts or open market buys. And agencies are earning SUM credit by using GSA SmartPay payment solutions to pay for the addressable spend through one of the 30 Best-in-Class solutions.

Professional services related digital tools are also helping agencies make better buying decisions. Last year, the powerful Contract Awarded Labor Categories (CALC) digital tool added thousands of labor categories and the ability to search by company name or contract number. These additions let contracting officers conduct market research and price analysis on over 69,000 labor categories across GSA and other contracts.  

And the innovative and comprehensive Steps to Performance-Based Acquisition (SPBA) digital application has helped thousands of acquisition professionals explore the performance-based acquisition (PBA) process in easy steps, complete with samples, examples, templates and other resources to make PBA more collaborative, performance-oriented and team-focused.  

In January 2018, the OASIS Discovery tool was rebranded as Discovery. The digital market research tool originally provided information on all OASIS contract holders but today also includes Professional Services Schedule, Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS), and Building and Maintenance Operations (BMO) contracts. As of late November, Discovery also includes filters, different views, and other new features that allow contracting officers to find past contract awards for specific NAICS.

We are aiming for more of the same great news for FY 2019. Our goals are:

  • $32.8 billion spend under management
  • $390 million in cost avoidance
  • 34.5% small business utilization
  • -12% Tier 0 contract reduction

We are working on some specific initiatives including:

  • Bringing the DoD discipline of Service Acquisition Workshops to Civilian agencies
  • Engaging suppliers in understanding and supporting category management strategies
  • Enhancing the above named digital tools to support better acquisitions
  • Educating the acquisition workforce about best acquisition practices

To get more details on the government-wide results, along with a snapshot of category and agency results against SUM and BIC goals, check out the summary presentation on the Acquisition Gateway or the FY18 year-end Executive Summary Dashboard (https://d2d.gsa.gov/report/government-wide-category-management-oversight-performance-management-tools) (NOTE: Open only to federal employees with OMB Max access)



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