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Federal Professional Services Category Request for Information: Contract Audit Support Services Initiative

In support of the federal government's category management strategy and its FY 2016 Professional Services Category Strategic Plan, an interagency working group (IWG) has been established to review civilian agencies’ contract audit needs and requirements. The IWG has begun its preliminary requirements review and data collection, and in October 2016 the IWG will host a service acquisition workshop (SAW) to further, as well as document, this work. To prepare for the IWG’s October 2016 SAW, a request for information (RFI) has been posted to the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website to support the IWG's understanding of the commercial sector's capabilities to perform these types of services.

Responses to the RFI will be used to assist with requirements definition, identifying common industry practices, as well as better understanding the industrial base that could provide these services. Contract audit services being explored and reviewed may include the following:

● Audit of Final Indirect Cost Rate proposals (includes annual incurred cost audits)

● Evaluation of Provisional Billing Rate proposals

● Audit of Forward Pricing Rate proposals (FPRP’s)

● Audit of Price proposals for goods and / or services

● Business system audits (includes accounting systems, compensation systems, estimating

systems, subcontracting systems, etc.)

● Desk audit of invoice / vouchers

● Postaward audit of Certified Cost or Pricing Data for possible defective pricing

● Agreed upon procedures engagement

● Floorchecks

● Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) audits

The RFI can be found on the FBO website.
On behalf of the IWG, I welcome industry's feedback and insights regarding industry's capability to perform these types of services.

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