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FBO.gov Moves to a New Hosting Environment

Federal Business Opportunities (fbo.gov) recently moved to a new hosting site.  This may impact users with strict IT security requirements.

Visitors to the fbo.gov website rely on the single location for information pertaining to governmentwide contract actions expected to exceed $25,000. The contractor who manages fbo.gov for the General Services Administration recently changed the web site hosting environment and the IP addresses associated with the site.  

Most users won’t notice any change.  However, if your company has an interface with FBO, such as using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or receiving email confirmations, you’ll want to check on local IT security requirements to see if these transactions are affected.  For instance, if your company pulls from the FTP on an automatic or regular basis, you may not receive a confirmation notice because the IP address must be whitelisted. Whitelisting identifies entities that are provided a particular privilege, service, or access in order to be recognized by the program.  As you may know, FBO supports the public FTP site to anonymously share notice information with users.

If your company experiences any of these issues due to the new IP Address, please contact the FBO Program Manager, John Corro (john.corro@gsa.gov).


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