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The FBO Retirement: A Statement from GSA

Last week’s retirement of FBO.gov and the migration of its functionalities to beta.SAM.gov were successful. The legacy site was shut down, and Contract Opportunities migrated as planned, including moving more than 5.6 million pieces of data. The migration of the data was successful and the integrity of the data has been maintained. At this time, beta.SAM.gov is the authoritative source for federal business opportunities.

We are aware that some users experienced latency issues for roughly the first 72 hours after transition, but those issues were resolved and the system currently is operating normally.

The beta.SAM.gov development and deployment are managed under an Agile framework and the team continues to iterate on defined and new improvements and capabilities. Our current partners are REI Systems, Octo Consulting, IBM, GCIO and Silosmashers.

Every piece of feedback is important. There are two separate methods for users to provide comments. Users should visit the Federal Service Desk (FSD.gov) to get assistance and obtain technical assistance. Users also can access the "provide your feedback" tool directly on beta.SAM.gov. We are actively reviewing comments and will continue to enhance the system based on this feedback. We also are posting a series of blogs on the IAE space on GSA Interact to highlight “Helpful Hints” for the new opportunities functionality on beta.SAM.gov. In the meantime, we encourage users to access the beta.SAM.gov Learning Center.


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