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FAR 8.405-2 vs FAR 15 Negotiated

I want to thank a Washington Headquarter Services Contracting Officer Mr. Christopher E. Harris for giving me permission to post another one of his well written papers.   It has a lot of information backed by regulation and case references.  While some of his opinions on utilizing FAR 15 terms of art slightly differ from others we have posted, we always welcome new perspectives.   Here is the summary of his paper:

"Acquisitions conducted under the authority of FAR 8.405-2, “Ordering Procedures that Require a SOW” often resemble negotiated procurements. Even though 8.405-2 acquisitions are not governed by FAR 15, the standards generally applicable to negotiated procurement may apply. This paper highlights where the standards are the same and where deviations are allowable. In addition, this paper offers suggestions on how the contracting officer may implement simplified procedures without violating applicable standards."


Click on this link to download: FAR 8.405-2 vs Negotiated 02.04.2015

I suggest downloading the pdf  first then opening it up in order to navigate the links within the document easily.


Now that we have your attention, please remember that what you are reading here is a blog post on a social media site managed by GSA.  This is NOT a GSA policy site, nor is it intended to be.  If you don't see us citing a specific statute, regulation or policy in this post, you should assume all you are getting is our opinion as experienced contracting officers.  We are trying to share what we believe are best practices and generate discussion with other contracting professionals about their best practices.  You may feel like something you read on our site is a terrible idea or is inconsistent with your organization's policies, practices or even general approach to contract management.  That's good!  Let's talk about it.  Did we miss something?  Are we flat out wrong?  Alright, we don't claim to be all knowing or perfect.  Share your thoughts with us.  And, as always, we strongly encourage you to consult with your own policy staff and legal counsel before using our methods and practices.  Finally, and most importantly, have fun with your procurement, use your creativity and make smart business decisions!

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