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FAQs from GSA Global Supply Vendors

GSA’s National Customer Service Center (NCSC) handles a wide range of inquiries from customers of various GSA programs. They also assist vendors, including GSA Global Supply vendors. We asked the team to list the most frequently asked questions from GSA Global Supply Vendors.  This is the topic list they compiled:

  1. Requests for a customer name, phone number or delivery address

Vendors sometimes have questions for the customer before shipment is made. NCSC researches and provides a contact whenever possible. Note that vendors can send such requests to: vendorresponse@gsa.gov to bypass the general flow of customer inquiries.

  1. Questions regarding Export Packing

GSA’s former distribution centers included Export Packing Facilities for OCONUS orders. That task is now handled by DLA, so NCSC coordinates with transportation experts in our regional offices to confirm the correct shipping information to be used.

  1. Quantity confirmation

Vendors sometimes wish to confirm a large order before shipment, to avoid any confusion or returns later.  As in #1, vendors can use vendorresponse@gsa.gov to request help in identifying a customer contact.

  1. Will customer wait for a backorder, or prefer to cancel immediately?

NCSC understands the urgency of such requests and will prioritize attempts to confirm a customer’s desire if the relevant advice code containing those instructions is not apparent.

  1. Process for order cancellation

Customers sometimes wish to cancel a pending order. Sometimes vendors are unable to fulfill an order. NCSC can assist with communications, but in either scenario will require written (email) confirmation that cancellation can be done with no cost to the government. Note that only a GSA Contracting Officer has authority to cancel an order. Also, if an item is unavailable permanently (i.e. - item is discontinued), vendors should be contacting their GSA Contracting Officer to revise the contract accordingly.


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