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Enhancements to Catalog-Related Policies

While we develop our long term, comprehensive solution, the Catalog team is also working on interim enhancements to catalog related policies and instructions. The team is clarifying, enhancing, and streamlining catalog related policies to make it easier for our industry partners and workforce to maintain compliant catalogs. In the long term, we plan to consolidate and simplify catalog related policies. In the interim, we have two updates to share:

  1. During the MAS Solicitation Refresh #2 in June, we incorporated new language into SCP-FSS-001 Instructions Applicable to All Offerors section (j)(1)(xiv). This new language (below) will direct new offerors to Contract Requirements and Modification Guidance for catalog data requirements, and provide greater clarity on what is required to maintain a GSA Schedule Catalog. This consolidated, user-friendly guidance will reduce the administrative burden associated with managing catalogs. This site will also allow for greater flexibility in policy updates, ensuring that accurate information is available to our industry partners. Ultimately, more compliant catalog data will result in improved product information available to GSA customers.

  2. We revised the Temporary Price Reductions language on the Vendor Support Center to clarify modification requirements for temporary price reductions. Previous instructions on the GSA Advantage! Vendor Start-Up Kit page did not clearly instruct MAS contract holders to submit a modification along with a SIP catalog update for temporary price reductions. This language (below) is foundational to a longer term solution where a catalog change such as a temporary price reduction automatically initiates a modification with an immediate effective date. These changes will provide suppliers with a reduced time to market on temporary price reductions, making the new price available to customers immediately.

     The team is also looking at Robotic Process Automation to trigger a modification when a
    temporary price reduction file is loaded to SIP. This would provide an interim solution while
    we develop the Common Catalog Platform. Overall, our goal is to make it easier and more
    efficient for our industry partners to manage compliant catalogs.

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