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Emerging Technologies - Industry Feedback Request #2

GSA is exploring different strategies to encourage technological innovation on Polaris. With that goal in mind, we want to expand our customers ability to work with small businesses who have experience with emerging and evolving technologies. In addition to traditional IT service needs, we anticipate demand for IT solutions that include the following technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence (including Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning)
  • Automated Technologies (including Robotics Process Automation)
  • Block Chain (including Distributed Ledger)
  • Cloud Services (including Migration Services and Cloud Risk Management)
  • Cyber Security (including Security Assessment Services, Zero Trust Architecture Services, etc.)
  • Edge Computing (including 5G Implementation, Internet of Things, etc.)
  • Immersive Technologies (including Augmented, Virtual Reality, etc.)

We would like your feedback on the above technologies, along with others you recommend we consider featuring on Polaris. We also welcome your suggestions to maximize innovation further through the contract. A survey asking more detailed questions about your experience with these technologies, along with other capabilities, will be shared later this month. 

Please email your feedback to: polaris@gsa.gov.


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